Student Help Desk

Submitted by admin on Thu, 09/06/2018 - 12:54

Free Student Counseling: Our Counselor would use their vast knowledge and experiences to help the students in choosing the right course in the right university right from the students walk in.

Admission Assistance: Pre assessment is mandatory for every student. Right after choosing the course and university our admission team will apply for the admission in the university on behalf of student. Our one to one approach to each applicant would clear all the hurdles in securing an admission from choice of universities.

Visa Assistance: Student will get an official confirmation letter from the University. Our Documents Specialist shall prepare the necessary travel documents for visa application. Here we will assist you in applying passport, legalization of documents as per the norms, document attestations, translations and other document procedures which make the student safe landing on foreign land.

Travel assistance: Documentation team will help you in getting a visa fast and reliable. Our travel department will help the students in arranging Flight tickets, Insurance and Money Exchange etc. Our expert will always keep an eye while grabbing an airline offer or a best possible exchange rate which makes the students/parents save their money.

Student Accommodation: After all set to go, student would aboard the flight to their destination country. One of our representatives will pick up the student from Airport to University. He would assist you in your hostel registration and final documentation at the university.

General Guidelines: Check for the Right University. Check for the courses available in that university. Check the time and date of travelling. Check for the other travel related documents like tickets insurance etc. Check for the emergency contact number or a person to contact in emergency and keep Embassy Contact details. We take a great care of our Students during the entire period of study. Our Everready team would stand behind you until you complete the course