Medical University of Lublin, Poland

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Medical University of Lublin, Poland

Medical University of Lublin dates back to 1944 in Lublin, Poland. The university gained its autonomy in 1950. Over the years, new departments were added such as the Department of Dentistry in 1973. An agreement with the Hope Medical Institute in the United States was signed in the early 1990s, which initiated a program of teaching medicine to English-speaking students at the Medical University of Lublin. Thereafter a four-year MD program was formed.

The teaching program covers all branches of modern medicine and is comparable to medical programs in the US. Through its partner Hope Medical Institute, the Medical University provides the last two years of medical school (clinical rotations) to eligible students in the US and Canada.The university maintains lively international scientific contacts in cooperation with Hvidovre Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark; Ziekenhuis-Tilburg Hospital (Netherlands), and Lvov Medical University in Ukraine, among others
Lublin’s 700-year-long history abounds in events that changed Poland and Europe. Its historical heritage, its Renaissance tradition, and its mosaic of nations, cultures and religions have all contributed to the unique atmosphere that continues to pervade the city. All of them have also provided inspiration for culture, science and art.

Lublin is a city of young and active people with its 70,000-strong student community, including over 6500 foreign students.In 2001, the English Language Division of the medical faculty was formed. This branch is responsible for designing and implementing a curriculum for students in the English language. There are four-year and six-year programs. After completion of the coursework in Poland, students are given the option of pursuing clinical clerkships in Poland or the United States to fulfill the requirements for an M.D. degree.

The Medical University has a long history of conducting medical studies in Poland and over 20 years of experience in teaching foreign students.

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