About Neo

Believing and Following Transparency in all aspects with dedicated workforce to provide quality Education in an affordable price” is the main Motto of the Organization.

This Organization was started in 1991 in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with more than three branches and escalated its roots all over the world in the field of Education by linking-up with major universities in Asian and European continents.

We had a dedicated workforce of about 75 people in all levels of Management, headed by Dr. B. V K Raj and Dr. B. Divya Sunitha Raj as Managing Directors. We as a team strongly work hard to demolish the financial barriers between the Quality Education and the Society standards.With proven honesty and dedication it is now running with a track record of more than 2200 graduates and 1700+ students pursuing their graduation in the field of Medicine and Management from all over the world.  We flourished a smile on parents face by helping their child grow professionally and personally. 

Optimized to continue more in the future with same commitment…..