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NEO MBBS GROUP ‘‘believes in transparency, honesty, commitment and affordable quality education to aspiring students’’

With more than 25 years of experience in International higher Education, NEO MBBS has been a partner in fulfilling the dreams of students who aspire to be Doctors, Engineers, MBA professionals, etc..

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Neo MBBS - Dr B V K Raj

Dr. B. V. K Raj

CEO, NEO Group

Dr. B. V. K. Raj, CEO NEO believes that Universities are temple homes which train and guide students to be the best doctors in the world.

Neo - MBBS - Dr Divya Sunitha Raj

Dr. Divya Sunitha Raj

Vice Rector

Dr. Divya Sunitha Raj, Director NEO and Vice-Rector Zaparozhye State Medical University, Ukraine believes in affordable quality medical education to all.

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Dr Divya Talks - Vijayawada Seminar

Dr. Divya Talks

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